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Blue Skies

it comes to be, what you believe...

Starry Night

Intimate, expansive.

Sara's songwriting is deeply informed and inspired by the Eastern Sierra where she lives. With a voice that resonates both powerfully and personally, she invites listeners into intimate soundscapes of vocal layers that ebb and flow between the subtle details of life and expansive soul journeys. Emotional, reflective, and alive, her songs are meant to be experienced deeply.


Through poetic lyrics, philosophical inquiries, sophisticated vocals, storytelling, and wordplay, Sara creates a moving and scintillating listening experience. With harmonies ranging luminous to ethereal, she finds expression for the vast range of human experience and the brilliant unfolding of the life.

From a place of deep love, appreciation, and concern for the great diversity of beings on Earth, Sara weaves the land and its ecologies into her songs, helping their wisdom, symbolism, and messages to take hold in our collective consciousness.


She sends out her songs with trust that they will find you at the right place and the right time...

Fern Leaves

Words from listeners...

"She cast a spell on us."

"Her voice is like nectar."

"Couldn't stop thinking about her show..."

"She's got 'it'."

"Hauntingly beautiful."

"Deeply meaningful lyrics."


"Instant goosebumps."

Forest Path

the world emerges as poetry through our noticing

Inside of a Castle

Inspired by...

Ayla Nereo
Elephant Revival
London Grammar
Billie Marten
Loreena Mckennitt

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